2:21 PM

The Boss Fight Books series, for which I wrote the volume on Final Fantasy V, launched its first-ever Humble Bundle today. You can get the entire Boss Fight library, including books on Katamari, Kingdom Hearts, EarthBound, and more, and donate some or all of your payment to the Girls Make Games charity.

11:20 AM

Revisit one of the best role-playing games of all time with the Chrono Trigger Holiday Challenge. It runs from now through March and the rules are simple: register, get assigned three characters, and then go beat the game with them and upload a pic of your victory. More details can be found at the Four Job Fiesta site

12:06 PM

Final Fantasy V is coming to PC on September 24, Square Enix says. Looks like it’ll use those awful smudgey graphics from the iOS version, unfortunately. This version will also include the extra dungeon (Sealed Temple) and secret boss (Enuo).

5:50 PM

Are you a Final Fantasy V fan? Want to support charity? The annual Final Fantasy V Job Fiesta—in which players are assigned random jobs for each of the game's four characters and play for charity—started this week. Check out the website to join or donate.