Shinjuku Station is all about Final Fantasy V. Spotted on the Keio Line's platform, huge V-shaped pillars were draped in FF art.

The v-shaped pillars are originally part of the station's construction. Meaning? Square Enix didn't add them, but was clever enough to incorporate the pillars into a campaign to promote the FFV's iOS release.

And since Square Enix is based in Tokyo's Shinjuku, some employees probably see these advertisements on their way to work.



As previously mentioned, Tokyo's subway stations are often compared to role-playing game dungeons.

たぶん全ジョブある [あけはた@ファリス本企画]


京王線新宿駅がFF5使用になってます [@You_hon]

私もうわさの京王線新宿駅へFF5広告を拝みに行きましたぁぁあ! [リッツ('-')]

京王線新宿駅がファイナルファンタジー5の広告で占拠されている! [トミーとマツ]

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