These days Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura busies himself with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. But let's take a look back in time, before he was the famous game designer he is today.

Takashi Aki, who worked as a planner on Final Fantasy V and FFVI, was recently cleaning up and discovered a handful of sketches Nomura did years ago. He uploaded the pics to Twitter to share with us all.


Nomura joined Square in the early 1990s, first working on Final Fantasy IV as a debugger.

The sketches were done during the FFV and FFVI eras. Looks like there's some Front Mission, too. Great stuff. Interesting to see how his style has developed.


「FF5」と「FF6」当時の野村哲也氏の落書きが公開される! [FF-Reunion]

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