Square Enix Will Bring Final Fantasy V 'And More' Games To iOS

At the end of this trailer for Final Fantasy IV—which is out today on iOS for the Square Enix-ish price of $16—there's a Very Special Teaser. Final Fantasy V! And more!


This is very cool, especially if they keep going through the years. While the first four Final Fantasy games have already been re-released seven thousand times each, I'd love to pick up some of the later Final Fantasys—like VI and IX—to play on my iPad. Of course, Final Fantasy V is the only confirmed entry right now, but that "and more" is alluring.

As for FFIV, well, I haven't tried the iOS version yet, and I don't know if I will, since I have to spend the next few weeks catching up on a whole bunch of GAME OF THE YEAR considerations. But it's a port of the 3D DS version, complete with a brand new uglyass font.


Also worth noting: Square's got a giant mobile sale going right now on more games than I can list here, but some of the prices are actually rather reasonable. $9 for Final Fantasy Tactics is a must-buy.

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Am I the only one who clamors for more FFVIII. I mean that game was awesome. I would give anything for an HD remake or even a port to iOs.