6:30 PM

I got to watch a slightly extended version of the Jedi: Fallen Order demo while attending EA Play in LA today. This demo began shortly before the one EA live-streamed and saw main character Cal infiltrate an imperial base on Kashyyyk by blowing the hell out of it. To begin, he scaled a vine-covered AT-AT, took

12:43 PM

Electronic Arts won’t hold an E3 conference this year. The publisher said in a press release today that it will again hold EA Play in Los Angeles during the weekend before E3, but that the focus of the event will be livestreams and hands-on for players. No more soccer memes and disappointing mobile reveals, sadly.

2:44 PM

Sea of Solitude is a new indie game coming from Jo-Mei Games in early 2019. The game, shown during this year’s EA Play press conference, certainly has quite a look to it.

12:10 PM

Oh yes, it’s already time to start thinking about E3. EA said today that it will again host EA Play, which will still take place in Los Angeles from June 9 to June 11, 2018. Attendees will get to play the next Battlefield, lots of sports games, and “get an inside look at the stunning new action game Anthem.

4:27 PM

Ghost Games says there’ll be a new Need for Speed game before 2017 ends, and it’ll be playable offline, addressing one of the major issues fans had with the 2015 reboot. It’ll have an open world, cops to flee and plenty of car customization. Look for more details at the EA Play event in June.