How a Forgotten DC Comics Story Is Helping Me Write My Favorite Marvel Superhero

More than 25 years ago—damn, I’m old—I read a multi-generational superhero story that showed how the identity of Black Canary moved from mother to daughter. Nowadays, I’m writing a project that is, in part, a multi-generational superhero story that shows how the mantle of Black Panther has been embodied across…

Next in DC’s Snagglepuss and Flintstones Comics: Political Persecution and Judging Humanity's Worth

Last year, the biggest surprise from DC Comics’ radically re-invented Hanna-Barbera comic book series was The Flintstones title written by Mark Russell. It was filled with prehistoric hipsters, existential dread, and dark philosophical undertones. Russell has even more messed-up stuff in store for Fred, Wilma, and...…

Len Wein Helped Make Comics’ Universes Bigger and Broader and the Whole World Is Better For It

When I sat down to think about whether I could muster any words of remembrance for Len Wein, I found myself stymied. How do you memorialize someone who went from being a fan to doing so much so well on so many levels? Then I realized that the breadth of his work was exactly the point. Len Wein helped open comics’…


Why I’m Excited to See What the New Batman Video Game Does With One Particular Villain

Telltale Games’ ongoing creation of its own unique Dark Knight continuity—which began with last year’s Batman: The Telltale Series—has been fascinating to play through. The changes made to the people in Bruce Wayne’s double life have been surprisingly dramatic and the best one may be yet to come.