1:45 PM

Gwent has a new vampire-themed expansion out, and to help celebrate CD Projekt is selling Blood Moon Packs for the low, low price of...$115. Each contains 100 kegs of new Crimson Curse cards to help get you started. It’s not a bad deal, but only if you want $115 worth of Gwent cards.

3:45 PM

Richard Garfield, who helped create Magic: The Gathering, is no longer working on Valve’s troubled card game Artifact. The designer confirmed in a recent interview that he was one of the contractors laid off by Valve. We weren’t surprised by the layoff considering how rocky the launch was,” he said.

1:35 PM

Gwent’s new expansion, Crimson Curse, will bring vampires to the Witcher-based card game on March 28. Inspired by the Witcher 3's Blood and Wine DLC, the new set, comprised of over 100 cards, will focus on poison, bleeding, deathblow, and berserk effects. In other words: lots of dying.

10:20 AM

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is coming to the West on Switch and Steam on April 5. The tactical role-playing card game is the tenth in the Dragon Ball Heroes series and the first to get released outside of Japan. It’s like Yu-Gi-Oh! but with Dragon Ball characters.

1:00 PM

The closed beta for Valve’s digital card game Artifact has been delayed to November 19. PC Gamer reports that this announcement was delivered via email to those who had previously signed up for the beta. The game is still slated for release to the public on November 28.

5:15 PM

Once upon a time, the makers of Minecraft worked on a card-based strategy game called Scrolls. Today, Mojang re-named it Caller’s Bane and made it free. While the new title isn’t as cool (Bethesda sued over the original) the game is still a unique mix that’s worth checking out.