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May 24 2017

Double Fine’s Broken Age, the adventure game that launched a million video game Kickstarter campaigns, is getting a physical release next month on PlayStation 4 and Vita, courtesy of Limited Run Games. Both versions go on sale June 9 for $29.99, and will likely sell out very quickly.

Mar 25 2015

The second act of Double Fine's Broken Age comes out April 28, as does a complete version for Vita and PS4, the developers just announced. Time to get your point-and-click on.

Mar 8 2014

How much stuff goes into a video game? To celebrate Broken Age going on sale on Steam, Double Fine has released an infographic with a collection of stats from the number of textures in the game to the total coffee consumption of the team.

Jan 10 2014

Part one of Broken Age, Double Fine's crowdfunded adventure game, will launch on Tuesday for their Kickstarter backers, bossman Tim Schafer says. They'll announce the public release date then, too.