Tim Schafer Wants You to Know How Double Fine Makes Its Games

The Amnesia Fortnight sessions at Double Fine have been a sort of open secret at Tim Schafer's Double Fine development studios. People can point to what's come out of those brainstorming marathons, in the form of Iron Brigade, Costume Quest and Stacking. And the folks at Double Fine have made the latest Amnesia… »11/22/12 5:00pm11/22/12 5:00pm

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Passes $3 Million Dollar Mark

The crowd-funding for the upcoming adventure game project from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Studios already broke all kinds of Kickstarter records weeks ago, when it reached its funding goal of $400,000 in eight hours. It's passed $3,000,000—which was the budget for Schafer's classic Grim Fandango—making it one of the… »3/13/12 9:45am3/13/12 9:45am