Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Passes $3 Million Dollar Mark

The crowd-funding for the upcoming adventure game project from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Studios already broke all kinds of Kickstarter records weeks ago, when it reached its funding goal of $400,000 in eight hours. It's passed $3,000,000—which was the budget for Schafer's classic Grim Fandango—making it one of the highest funded projects ever on the fund-raising website. Double Fine's announced a livestream of the project's last few hours on Kickstarter, where we'll hopefully be able to see the studio's developers hard at work under a shower of money.


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Can't we stick to traditional sales? More and more people are feeding this project money without any idea as to what's going to come out of it! The more money fed into it, the more extreme the hype will be. This is ultimately going to lead to lots of people feeling like they got the raw deal and that their money wasn't used well. I understand the hope and desire involved, Schafer has always created cult favorites. But he and his company are in no need of charity donations.

This act of poor investment is only going to set a very nasty precedent that shows just how far businesses can bend over their fans. It will start by publishers giving you super special content for being a "true fan" of the game and investing early (no refund, full payment expected). As time goes on, that super special content will be more exclusive and more crucial to the game.