Tim Schafer Raised $23,000 While We Interviewed Him

Tim Schafer sure is having a hell of a day. After asking the world to help his studio Double Fine make a new old-school adventure game, he has destroyed Kickstarter's records for having the fastest-earning page. As of this posting, they're at $875,000. That will change in mere seconds.


Our own Stephen Totilo chatted with Mr. Schafer this afternoon at DICE. In the 22 minutes that their interview lasted, the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter total went from $788, 246 to $811,599.

That's right—in 22 minutes, Double Fine raised $23,353. That's more than a grand a minute. All for old-school adventure games!

In the video above, Shafer also talks about what they might do with the extra money (Their initial goal was $400,000), including adding more languages to the game and making the documentary better. Also, maybe even bump-mapping! And veins! Lens flare, unfortunately, might be too expensive.

"If we really really really exceed the goals," Schafer says. "I think it will make people really notice, and see that there are a lot of different unique, creative ways to fund a game."

We'll have our full interview in a bit.


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its amazing how gullible people are for famous people, you guys know its just going to be another point and click game right?