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Double Fine's Adventure Game Will Have the Longest Credits Sequence of All Time

Illustration for article titled Double Fines Adventure Game Will Have the Longest Credits Sequence of All Time

If you even thought about giving money to Double Fine's Kickstarter project for a new adventure game, you'd have seen that the minimum contribution to get a reward was $15. That got you a copy of the game when released, so it wasn't a bad deal.


Here's where it gets cool, though; while the $15 was the most popular option for backers, it's well below the average amount kicked in by Joe Public.


With 87,139 people contributing money, and a grand total of $3,335,325 raised, the average amount donated by each person comes to $38.27.

That's astounding. For a breakdown of how the numbers and donations went, see below:

$15 (or more) - 47945
$30 (or more) - 24635
$60 (or more) - 1090
$100 (or more) - 11530
$250 (or more) - 900
$500 (or more) - 148
$1000 (or more) - 100
$5000 (or more) - 10
$10,000 (or more) - 4


So, yeah, the $15 option was the most popular. Interesting seeing the $100 one doing so well in comparison, though considering you got a "Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary, Double Fine Adventure Backer T-shirt, original "Double Fine Adventure" poster (suitable for framing), special thanks in the game's credits, and all previous reward tiers", it's not that surprising.

Man, that is going to be the longest end-game credits sequence in the history of video games.


UPDATE - Forgot to add, there was actually a bonus $110,000 kicked in by "premium backers", shadowy types who are excluded from this piece because they light cigars with $100 bills.

Double Fine Adventure [Kickstarter]

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I dunno. The credits for Assassin's Creed Revelations was 16 minutes long. That will be tough to beat.