Sega is ending arcade service in Japan for its highly successful mecha game Border Break on September 9, 2019, which is the game’s ten anniversary. The game has grossed over a hundred million dollars, and Sega stated it wanted to revive Border Break on arcades, so don’t be surprised if a new version is in the works. 

As previously reported, arcade game Border Break is coming to the PS4 in Japan, so third-party peripheral maker Hori is making these twin sticks. According to Famitsu, they’re priced at 18,334 yen ($171). However, if pre-orders don’t reach 3,000 units, the controllers won’t go into production.

Free-to-play mecha battle game Border Break kicks off its open beta test next month in Japan (no word yet about outside the country). Developed by Sega, it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Have a look at the game’s new trailer.