So Far, The Best-Looking Mecha Game Controllers Of 2018

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Image: Hori, aokyseizy

It’s only March! There is still time for another company to top this. But for now, Japanese peripheral maker Hori has the honor or making this year’s best-looking mecha game controller. Sorry, controllers.


Earlier this week, Hori teased that it had a meeting at Sega. Fans hoped that this meant the company was working on dedicated sticks for mecha game Border Break.


Originally released in 2009, the arcade game is slated to get a PS4 release this year.

It needs these.

No word yet about a release date in Japan—or elsewhere.

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Still rockin’ my Saitek X-65F PRO Flight Combat Control System though not on a Console.

Really hoping for MechWarrior 5 to properly implement Joystick support as it’s basically the only game in the near feature that I’m interested in with the immersion potentially benefiting from such a controller.

What made the X-65F special over ANY other Joystick is the fact that the stick doesn’t even move - It’s as if you’re holding dead prop made for show but when you “move” your hand ( apply pressure ) the stick recognizes it and translates it into the game.

Weird as fuck and, IMHO, a super satisfying experience.

That being said though... What is that Hori controller supposed to do?
It looks kind of like the dominant hand side is... missing?