May 8 2017

Announced last week via hoodie unzip, the eight remastered maps of Call of Duty: Zombie Chronicles will be available May 16 on the PlayStation 4 for $29.99. A copy of Black Ops 3 will be required to play.  

Sep 20 2016

The most recent Black Ops III DLC added more Gobblegum power-ups to the game’s Zombies mode. Here’s a snippet of a match we played with the Newtownian Negation Gobblegum activated: “Zombies killed fall straight up.” We’re still divided on whether Gobblegum is worth focusing on in Zombies. Thoughts?

Sep 30 2015

“We wanted a perfect future and fuck—we got it.” The story trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III is here, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Why’d they have to call in the Special Victims Unit?