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Oct 28 2015

Warner Bros. is selling Batman: Arkham Knight on PC again, and anyone who’s bought (or buys) it before November 16 will get every Arkham game for free. A “community challenge pack” will arrive first for PC owners in January, and the DLC that’s already come out on consoles should be coming for PC players soon.

Oct 16 2015

The newest cinematic version of Batman and the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie will be coming to Arkham Knight next month. There’s a full rundown of the remaining DLC—which says the big Season of Infamy add-on will hit in December—here.

Mar 23 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight just got yet another delay—the upcoming superhero action game will now come out on June 23, the developers say. More time to polish that batsuit.

Sep 8 2014

Arkham Knight comic book cover by Jason Fabok and Emilio Lopez. It's included in the Arkham Knight Limited Edition and Batmobile Edition: