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Surprise Football Game Pops Up On Xbox Live

Illustration for article titled Surprise Football Game Pops Up On Xbox Live

Move over Madden. There's a new football game on my Xbox 360. And it stars Avatars. Oh, and I don't know how it got there.


The video below will tell you everything I know about the Xbox 360's Football Toss. It's an Avatar game and could be mistaken for an adver-game that you see in an Internet pop-up window, except that it's not selling anything.

The game may be part of the new XBox 360 Dashboard Update slated for November, which Microsoft indicated would include "surprises." I've checked with the Xbox PR team to get more details and will update the post if they provide more details.

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I was playing this yesterday. It's just like the dunking game they had a few months ago, except this one is a little more interactive (Your friend's avatars will try to tackle you).

I think it's kind of cool when Microsoft just throws little incentives like this, instead of charging us for anything and everything (*cough* Halloween themes *cough*). #dashboardupdate