Spore Easily Leads Top 10 Torrented Games of 2008

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TorrentFreak put up a list of the top 10 games copied and shared over BitTorrent for the year 2008, and Spore, quite unsurprisingly, leads them all by a country mile.


Naturally, the hard feelings and retaliation over its DRM inclusion helped boost the number of torrents for this game, already downloaded half a million times by 10 days after its September release, and 1.7 million times as of now.

TorrentFreak insists its stats don't include downloads of malicious or malfunctioning torrents (a figure it puts at 1 percent of all available torrents). Spore's 1.7 million has it well in first. The Sims 2 was No. 2 with 1.15 million. The Sims 2 was released in 2004. Fallout 3's 645,000 downloads was the next highest among any 2008 game, good for eighth. Full list below.

1. Spore (1,700,000, released Sept. 2008)
2. The Sims 2 (1,150,000, Sept. 2004)
3. Assassins Creed (1,070,000, Nov. 2007)
4. Crysis (940,000, Nov. 2007)
5. Command & Conquer 3 (860,000, March 2007)
6. Call of Duty 4 (830,000, Nov. 2007)
7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (740,000, June 2005)
8. Fallout 3 (645,000, Oct. 2008)
9. Far Cry 2 (585,000, Oct. 2008)
10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (470,000, Oct. 2008)



I think there's no easy way to solve this situation. Besides enforcing Games For Windows Live or Steam, or whatever as a mandatory service through which all games have to call home before running—which wouldn't really be possible, anyway—I just don't think there's any way to really bring this piracy to a halt. We saw it with World of Goo, that when you leave it unprotected, people will steal it, because they're...well, naturally fuckers. Consoles aren't piracy-free, but by God it's not as easy to get away with...you all saw it last month when Microsoft brought down the banhammer on all those stolen copies of Gears and (what was the other one, Call of Duty? Whatever). At least that way you can punish the people guilty of it instead of letting them run around unimpeded.

I've downloaded my fair share of music, and I've seen a sizable amount of movies for which I did not pay (initially) but I genuinely care too much about the gaming industry to ever consider ripping them off in any way. It infuriates me, this piracy. It makes my blood boil that I know people who have softmodded 360s. I feel like it's harsh to say but the PC gaming industry is going to be killed by its own gamers. Everyone says "oh just one gamer stealing won't hurt," but look at those fucking numbers! They're bringing it down rapidly because they are greedy, and now no one wants to develop for the PC anymore.

I've only been up for 20 minutes, I'm going to stop now before I trail off anymore.