SouthPeak's NYCC Plans Include Real Velvet Assassin

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The 2009 New York Comic Con is kicking off this weekend, and SouthPeak Games plans on making their presence felt, throwing everything from space bears to live-action velvety assassins at convention goers.


SouthPeak is showing off a wide variety of titles at the NYCC this year, from the cute and cuddly Roogoo Twisted Towers! for the Wii and Roogoo Attack! for the DS, to more serious fare like the anime-inspired action adventure X-Blades and the futuristic military first-person shooter Section 8. There'll be public demos, a signing with Ninjatown creator Shawn Smith, and an X-Blades tournament where players can win a rare figurine of the game's main character, Ayumi.

While all of that is nice, the most popular attraction SouthPeak is bringing is most likely going to be Melinda Cohen, the model and in-game voice talent for their upcoming Nazi-shooter Velvet Assassin. You can keep your scantily-clad anime girls. A tough-as-nails special agent in bloody lingerie wins every time.



she still looks kinda... post-op.