Sony Talkin' God of War III At E3

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What we know: Last year, Sony officially said God of War III was for the PS3. Back in February of this year, a Sony teaser ad said God of War III was "coming soon." A job announcement popped up in April was seeking an online game programmer for the team that created God of War and God of War II. According to a post on game site Eurogamer, Sony will be announcing God of War III for the PS3 at E3. This s unconfirmed, but makes sense! Surely, Sony will want a big AAA exclusive to face off with Gears of War 2 this holiday season. But just because something makes sense doesn't mean it's true.


God Of War III vai ser [ via N4G Thanks, Thorsten!] [Pic]

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@PapaBear434: @enewtabie: Yeah, the idea of multiplayer in GOW has me scratching my head too. I guess it depends on how they set it up.

Here's an idea: Pick your favorite bastard child of the gods (there's a lot of them) and square off against each other (I think American Gladiators may have beaten them to this one).

Maybe you can team up to take down one of your father figures! Up to four players can join forces, each one selecting their own rage-filled, overpowered, demi-god teenager. Thwart the will of Zeus in "I'm borrowing the car, dad" Mode! Love it!