Sony Ramping Up PS3 Production For...Something

Illustration for article titled Sony Ramping Up PS3 Production For...Something

According to Taiwan's DigiTimes, Sony have recently "placed significant orders for key Sony PS3 components" from local manufacturers, waaaaay above the quantities they normally source. Interesting.


They say it's enough parts to produce one million PS3 consoles in the third quarter of 2009, which is apparently twice as many as were manufactured last quarter.

DigiTimes' sources then specifically mention that alongside those "key components," shipments of time division synchronizers, also used by Sony in the PS3, are waaaayyy up as well.

What does this all mean? Well, either Sony are expecting a significant increase in demand for the currently not-that-in-demand PS3, or...well, they're building an all-new PS3.

I know which of those two scenarios I think is more likely.


Sony PS3 components demand growing significantly [DigiTimes (subscription required)]



I hope 'key components' translates into giving the PS3 back some Backwards Compatibility. I know, folks always say "Just go buy a PS2 if you want to play PS2 games" or something like that, but if I wanted just that, it would be okay.

But, eh, that's not going to happen and I know it. So yeah, most likely we're just looking at yet another new PS3 variant, be it slim or not.