PS3, PSP Sales Down, PS2 Sales Up (?!)

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You know it, we know it: times are tough. And Sony, Sony definitely know it, with the company's freshly-released quarterly report highlighting declining sales for both the PS3 and PSP.


But good news first! In the first quarter of the 2008 fiscal year, Sony sold 1.5 million PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide. In Q1 2009? That number was up to 1.6 million! Nice to see a $99 price-point having an effect.

Things weren't so rosy for the PS3 and PSP, however. PS3 sales were down from 1.6 million in Q108 to 1.1 million in Q109, while PSP sales were...well, abysmal. Down from 3.7 million to just 1.3 million. Those numbers were so poor, in fact, that Sony singled the handheld out as a key contributor to a record loss in operating income for Sony's Networked Products & Services Group, which saw the division lose ¥39.7 billion.

For Sony, that PSPgo (and PS3 Slim, for that matter) can't come soon enough.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

So Luke has Sony offically not only burned though all the profit made on the PS2, but now working on the profit made on the PSOne?

And me thinks the reason PS2's might be selling so well might be that the causals, you know the real driving force of this market has no need to shell out $400 for a PS3 with no PS2 BC when they can simply get a PS2 and for the same amount of money, pick up 20 something games, maybe even 30-40 games at any preowned shop.

Taking out PS2 BC to spur people to move on was stupid. Very very stupid.