80GB PLAYSTATION 3 To Be Discontinued In Japan

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The 20GB, 40GB and 60GB versions of the PS3 have been discontinued. According to this, it looks like the 80GB PLAYSTATION 3 is next.


This notice is apparently from retailer 7-Eleven (7-Eleven sells video games in Japan) and states that pre-orders for the Black, White and Silver 80GB PS3 will cease on Sunday, August 9 at 10am.

The reason listed is literally "For the manufacturer" — or at the maker's request.

The notice also notes that all in-store displays for the 80GB model are to be taken down. If this is true, then Japan would be left with possibly the not-sold-in-Japan-yet 160GB PLAYSTATION... Or perhaps there is an upgrade in store...

ダミーパッケージも撤去指示、セブンイレブンに届いたPS3出荷停止の通知書の内容とは [はちま起稿]


The Cap'n

i have a 20gb ps3 that i'm about to send in for disc drive repair. Should I be worried that they're going to try some shenanigans on me? try to upsell me to a 160gb w/no backcomp? (yes, that would be a dealbreaker)

Also, if anyone's gone through this process and has anything that I need to know that's not patently obvious, I'd like to know that too.