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Sony Finally Releasing Colorful PS5 Covers

Faceplates for the new PlayStation are here following patents and legal controversy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Different color PS5s hover suspended in galactic space.
Image: Sony

Sony revealed today that a year after launch, the PlayStation 5 is finally getting color swaps for its giant plastic covers. There are five new variants in total, and new DualSense controllers to match, set for a global launch starting in January 2022. Hopefully they don’t suffer from the same shortages as the new-gen console itself.

The new colors are Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. Those join Cosmic Red and Midnight Black, which were previously released DualSense options. Sony writes in a blog post that each of the matching plates is “easy to use” and simply clicks into place where the previous white ones once were.


Only black and red will be available at first, followed by the rest of the colors later in the “first half of 2022.” One big piece of information that so far seems to be missing? The price. A link to the PlayStation Store page for the new PS5 plates currently 404s. Update 12/13/21, 10:10 a.m. ET: The price is $55 a piece.

These new PS5 color options come after Sony got into a legal scuffle with custom case seller Dbrand earlier this year, after it dared the console manufacturer to sue it. It wasn’t until last month that Sony finally secured the patent for its own proprietary brand of swappable PS5 cover plates.


For its part, Dbrand continues to sell “Darkplate” options for the PS5—that shrink the console’s profile and make it all-black—for $70. There’s obviously a plethora of other third-party options out there still as well. And when it comes to DualSense colors, Sony is also facing competition. Scuf recently revealed new colors for its line of elite PS5 controllers, although they also seem to be facing production headwinds, in addition to costing as much as $260 each.

Sony’s official custom plates won’t make your PS5 any smaller, but they will add some zing to the previously white-only new-gen console.