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MAG's rolling out some exclusive in-game character models should you be of a mind to pre-order the game. GameStop and Game Crazy get two of them, the third is TBD. Amazon's confirmed for ... meh ... access to a PlayStation Home space.

The exclusive S.V.E.R. character is yours if you lay your $5 down at GameStop. If your allegiance is to Game Crazy, you'll get the tuned-up RAVEN fighter. The VALOR character (pictured) is still TBD. For those not initiated, these are the three mercenary factions with which you may align in this 256-combatant shooter/MMO, once it releases Jan. 26.


The descriptions of all three are at the link below.

Anyway, if all Amazon gets is a PlayStation Home space for its preorder trouble, then wow. Someone cut a bad deal there.

MAG Pre-Order Bonuses: Choose Your PMC [ via EvilAvatar]

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