To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: What Guns Have You Fired?


Yeah, I'm not really into guns either, but my dad and step-dad are. Both collect them, both served in the military.

I've fired a myriad of different handguns, several shot guns, an MP5 on full auto, sniper rifles, machine guns. I even own an old .22-caliber gallery gun. Those are the old pump-action rifles that they used long, long, long ago at shooting galleries in carnivals.


Why haven I shot so many guns if I'm not into them? For stories and perspective while working as a police reporter. I've fired guns with the ATF, the FBI and even spent a day training with a police SWAT unit. The sniper rifle was kinda interesting to fire, but firing a weapon on full auto was the most interesting. It was kinda like holding a fire hose with the water on full.... I've done that too :)

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Michael Dukakis

Gun week is becoming torture, I've barreled through all the gun puns...