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Getting Shot: A 103-Second Retrospective

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What's it look like to get shot in a video game? The portrait of pain has been changing over the years. We took a bullet in 18 years' worth of games to bring you this montage.


Isn't it amazing how getting shot has evolved over the years in video games? We've gone from a grunting face to blood splattered screens in less than two decades. Nowadays you can almost feel the impact of every projectile. Hell, if your force-feedback is good enough, you actually can.

With the exception of Halo 3 (my disc was too scratched to play), every one of the 42 games in this video was played by yours truly. It's been a very busy month. The first person to name all 42 games in order gets to brag about it.


And for those of you counting, the 103 seconds isn't including titles.