Microsoft Reveals New 360 Controller With Transforming D-Pad

The Xbox 360 controller gets a little more fighter friendly later this year, with a new version featuring a transforming d-pad and monochrome buttons hitting stores on November 9. So what's a transforming d-pad?

As Major Nelson demonstrates in the video below, users can change the new Xbox 360 controller's directional pad from a flat surface to an actual raised d-pad with a twist of the base. One second it's flat, the next it's beautifully raised, perfect for performing quarter-circles until the cows come home.


Plus it's got those lovely grey buttons, which should be extremely confusing to anyone that's memorized the normal controller's four colors instead of the letters, like me.

But hey, raised d-pad!

The new controller will be packaged exclusively with the new Play & Charge kits Microsoft is releasing on November 9. The package will retail for $64.99.

Gaze into the shiny face of this wondrous new thing and forget all about that $10 Xbox Live price hike.

New Xbox 360 Wireless controller featuring a transforming D-Pad [Major Nelson]

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