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Hello! This week we fall asleep while playing games, learn about all the companies skipping GDC, ask how Greninja won Pokemon Of The Year, check out the new GTA Online DLC, fight some Ewoks and crush a Furby.

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Democracy was a mistake.

I fell asleep once playing Far Cry 4. I was really tired, it was like 4 AM and I passed out driving a car and woke up to an explosion at the bottom of a cliff.


I’ve played this game since the day it came out and I didn’t realize half the stuff shown in this video. I can’t believe the bit where you stand your ground and a bear won’t attack. That’s wild.


Yub nub, assholes.



This is funny, but also, the game on the right does seem more fun. So mission accomplished localization team.


I will never get tired of fan art mixing together Doom and Animal Crossing.


I remember a friend who had one of these things. It had low batteries and he tossed it into his closet and it randomly started talking in a deep voice at like 3 AM. He got rid of it after that.


Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

These are fun! Read more about this new update here.

Zarude looks like a rude dude.

Interesting seeing Lara pop up in another game as a playable guest character after the news she would be coming to Rainbow Six Siege earlier this month.

Seeing a lot of folks angry about the song choice, but this is a TV ad. I get it. Not everyone likes metal. Some hip-hop in the background might help appeal to more people. Whatever gets more folks playing Doom.

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Christine Q.

did that furby spit out a tooth at the end?