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Doomguy And Isabelle Are Best Friends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Illustration: @HaleTungsten (Twitter)

The Doomguy is a cool dude who kills demons and does it while running faster than most Olympic athletes. Isabelle is a happy little dog person who is extremely helpful and kind. These two very different game characters have become best friends, according to the many artists on the internet. And I love it.

The trend of matching up Doomguy and Isabelle started last year, back when Doom Eternal was delayed. Originally, Doom Eternal was planned to come out in November, but in October it was delayed until March 20, 2020. This just so happens to be the same day the new Animal Crossing game is launching on Switch.


Quickly, folks started creating and commissioning artwork based on this strange friendship. You can find a thread on ResetEra that rounds up some of the best pieces of artwork featuring these two besties. You can also just search Twitter and find great fan art featuring these two.


There is something wholesome about this pairing. The Doomguy is at times a cold, heartless machine more than a human being. So seeing him help teach Isabelle to shoot a BFG is oddly nice. He feels more human and it makes him seem like a more likable dude.

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Illustration: boris_feinbrand (ResetEra)

For Isabelle, she gets to hang out without someone who isn’t an annoying animal worried more about towns and money. She gets a break, a nice vacation. She also gets to use a big shotgun to shoot stuff, which sounds fun and probably will help her relieve some stress too.

Inevitably, these two friends spend a lot of time together which means in 2020 that they have to start a podcast. Luckily, someone has created a bit of that podcast for us to listen to and enjoy.


I’d listen to more. At least they aren’t doing some true-crime show.

The internet can be a terrible place, you know. You are currently on it. So whenever I see happy, fun, cute or good trends like this, I appreciate it. And now all I have to do is wait until March so I can both kill some demons and build a lovely little home.