'Significant' Battlefield 3 Patch Coming to PC Next Week

DICE promises that PC Battlefield 3 owners will see a major client update in the coming week, one that offers better stability, weapons balance, polish and other adjustments built on community feedback since the game's Oct. 25 release.


"Plus we're removing the so called "negative mouse acceleration" that some of you have experienced," DICE wrote on its official blog yesterday. Presumably, this patch will also reduce the brightness of tactical flashlights and address the game's notorious XP exploit.


Patches for the game's console versions are being built but, of course, take longer because of Microsoft's and Sony's certification processes, the studio said.

Incoming: Battlefield 3 update! [Battlefield 3 Blog]

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Does this mean we will finally get BF3 instead of BFBC3 then?

So that means they are fixing the utter turd squad system, a totally useless map of blue shapes, the most unbelievable BS, that is, not including VOIP....IN A F******* BF game!?? I can't be bothered to write an entire list of how totally failed this game was, as I would be here until BF4 came out. All they had to do was take the winning existing formula of BF2 and slightly improve it as usually happens in a sequel, rather than rip out all of the cool features and replace them with 'MOAR XP FOR PWNING TAH N00BZ WIT MA N00BT00BZ!1!!'.

Also, in the update please kill Paris Metro and that Tunnel map with FIRE. They are so shit it actually hurts my brain to think there is a level designer out there getting paid for that abomination. How you didn't realise the entire map real estate would be unused as the whole battle gets fought in 1 alleyway is beyond me. Put some of the old BF2 maps back in and show your current designers how they should have been made.

BF2 was my fav online game ever, and I sunk hundreds upon hundreds of hours into it, including many clan matches etc. This is your last chance to rectify this steaming pile of COD that got slopped in front of me. I swear you will never see my money again if you screw this update up.

I don't think I have ever been so angry about a sequel in my life. I guess it's just because I loved BF2 so much, wih the exception of Wake (Wank) Island, which was a joke of a map...and they are releasing that for BF3!! Just shows what a bunch of clowns they are. The EA circus is in town again...