Sign Up Now for LittleBigPlanet Water Beta

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Media Molecule has is now taking sign-ups to test the water they plan to bring into LittleBigPlanet.


Here's the announcement:

Water is coming to LittleBigPlanet as part of an exciting new kit!

It's not just a saying you know - We really do need to test the water to make sure the new features all work as planned, and we need your help to do it! How would you like to dive on in to the crystal clear waters and enjoy some splish-splashing about before everyone else? Get out your rubber rings people, this is gonna be one hell of a pool party!

If you're interested, you just need to be 18, have a PSN ID, and promise not to ever never never ever never share what you see with those who write about video games. Have fun!

LittleBigPlanet Beta Sign-Up [site, thanks Bob-a]



Beta-testing water might not sound like such a huge deal, but you've gotta consider one thing: The water isn't likely to be a stationary object, either. Imagine levels where you have to direct waterflow from top to bottom, or more interestingly, from bottom to top using scoops and suchlike. All the different materials in the game would behave differently in water, too: Cork, for instance, would float.

This adds a heck of a lot to the LBP engine, I think. Might even bring me back from my hiatus.