LittleBigPlanet Gets All Wet

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You'll soon be able to fully realize your LittleBigPlanet BioShock level, as Media Molecule announces the addition of water to the game in a future update.

How has the LittleBigPlanet community survived this long without real water? Sure, we've had cardboard water, but that isn't quite the same. Now the Super Mario Bros. levels can have swimming sections, The Little Mermaid is no longer off limits, and chasing waterfalls is a definite possibility. I wonder if we'll be able to drown our sack people? I also wonder why the thought makes me smile so much?


Just add water… [Media Molecule - Thanks Stu!]

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I got over LBP months ago. No thanks. Besides, they'll end up charging for a feature that is as common as....well, water.