Though we have a source image for this week's 'Shop Contest, this one will be thrown open to your imagination and whatever you can scrape together to illustrate it. The "Super Nincoffee Jr." shown yesterday provoked a comment thread of other console/kitchen appliance mashups that deserve some form of graphical representation. We know there are more out there too. Find them. Or, well, no; create them.

Source Image: The Super Nincoffee Jr. (Feel free to use other images you may find.)

That's the the father-son project of Tyler and his Dad, a working Super Nintendo with a coffee maker casemod (the second they've built, actually). I know there's a longstanding Nintoaster joke out there, as well as a PlayStation 3 George Foreman grill. Cribbing off of either of those won't get you anywhere. Your job is to make either the Super Nincoffee Jr. better (or put it in a funnier situation), or reveal something that will make us stop longing for Ouya or Orbis or Durango or whatever's coming up next in console hardware.

Reminder: There's a new forum for 'Shop Contest submissions that will display them in the chronological order familiar to the contest under our old comments format. I've gone ahead and set up the forum with one of our patented Kotaku block arrows showing you where this week's submissions begin. When I judge the entries for the roundup I'll close it out with another arrow later in the week.

Because of this, comments are disabled in this post to avoid confusion. You must visit the 'Shop Contest Forum to participate After you create your 'Shop, you'll need to post it there. Here are the rest of the guidelines for doing so.

1. Go to the 'Shop Contest Forum
2. Click "Add Image" in the upper right above the comment window.
3. Click "Upload an Image Instead." Then click the "Choose File" button. Browse your desktop, find the image, and click "open."
4. If you prefer, you can upload the 'Shop to a free image hosting service. I suggest imgur. Then click "Add image" in the upper right above the comment window. Paste the image URL into the field that says "Image URL."
5. You can add editorial commentary if you want, but then just hit submit and your image will load. If it doesn't, paste the image URL as a comment.
6. This is important: Keep your image size under 1 MB. Further, try to keep its longest dimension (horizontal or vertical) under 1000 pixels.


All set? Great. Now, Gentlemen, start your 'shopping!