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The Best Part of Waking Up is a Super Nintendo in Your Cup

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This "Super Nincoffee Jr." case-mod won't brew you the perfect cup of joe, but apparently it will play Super Nintendo games.

This appears to be the creation of a kid named Tyler and his father. Yes, I scoured it for clues that this could be a trick, that some other console playing Super Mario All-Stars could be hooked up to the TV off-screen. But this looks legit. Back in January, the duo made a full-strength "Super Nincoffee" in which they show more of their work—including the difficulty they had in finding a good location for the console's reset button. That feature was solved in the slimmed redesign of the Super Nincoffee Jr—whose carafe was glued onto the hotplate.


Pretty neat father/son project. When Tyler turns 21, I expect him to build a Kegorator PS2.

Originally seen via Video Game Headquarters of Springfield, Ore.