Sega Gives Phantasy Star Universe Three Months to Live

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Though its singleplayer functionality will, of course, remain, the six-year run of Phantasy Star Universe will come to an end Sept. 7 when Sega shuts off online support for the game for the Xbox 360. Sega announced the shutdown yesterday.


"This was not an easy decision but there comes a time when we must consider the level of service and support we can provide for an ongoing game" Sega said in a statement, "and balance those concerns against preparing for the future, and providing you with new opportunities and new experiences."

Phantasy Star Universe previously had online support for its PC and PlayStation 2 versions cut in March 2010, and lost original Xbox support when Xbox Live was shut down for that console entirely 15 days later. That left the game as a rare, Xbox 360-only console MMO. Phantasy Star Online 2 an action role-playing game, is scheduled for a release this summer, but only in Japan.


"It has been a long run for our intrepid GUARDIANS: Across the Gurhal system for six years now, exploring new worlds and new challenges," the statement said. "While we are saddened to close the doors to PSU on Xbox 360, we are proud of the game and of our loyal fans who have supported us through the years.

"More than anything we want to thank all of you once again, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting this game, for providing feedback, and for enjoying and sharing in this experience with us.

"We look forward to taking our memories and the lessons learned from this game as we prepare to move into the future. There is more news yet to come for Phantasy Star, and there will be much to be excited about in the coming weeks and months."


Important Notice for all PSU XB360 Players [Sega Forums via Massively]

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SEGA. STOP making Phantasy Star Online.

At least give us Phantasy Star 5!