Scenes From A Phantasy Star Universe Phuneral

Tonight, original Xbox games goes offline when Microsoft pulls the plug on Xbox Live support for its last-generation console. Some stalwart Phantasy Star Universe players recently experienced the pain of losing their online connection.

Sega announced its plans to take the PC and PlayStation 2 versions of Phantasy Star Universe offline in January of this year, ending support for the online mode on March 31. (The Xbox 360 version of PSU still soldiers on.)


If you happened to miss the going away party for Phantasy Star Online, Sega's official blog has posted its account of the event—lovingly recounted by PSU GM Edward—so that everyone can watch a virtual world end. It's full of e-hugs, e-tears and may be the only funeral to feature both Sonic the Hedgehog and girls in bikinis. Bring some tissues.

A Fond Farewell to PSU on the PC/PS2 Servers! [Sega America Blog]

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