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Sega Aligns Western Markets Under Mike Hayes

Illustration for article titled Sega Aligns Western Markets Under Mike Hayes

The departure of Sega of America COO Simon Jeffery has sparked worldwide leadership consolidation for the company, with Sega of Europe President and COO Mike Hayes now presiding over North America as well.


Here's how things are working now. Sega of America and Sega of Europe CEO Naoya Tsurumi is now responsible for Sega operations in all three major markets, adding Sega of Japan to his rather large plate. Meanwhile, Mike Hayes will be stepping into the newly-created position of President & COO of both Sega of America and Sega of Europe, which more than likely entails a great deal more air travel.

"I'm delighted to be heading up the SEGA Western territories at such an exciting time in the company's resurgence as a leading videogame publisher around the globe," said Hayes. "As shown at E3 last week, SEGA has a winning line-up of titles over the next 12 months and beyond. The management changes announced today will ensure that SEGA's Consumer Business is positioned for long-term growth and success."


Hopefully this new, unified Sega will continue the recent trend of not doing anything with the Sonic franchise other than the odd racing or sports spin-off to appease the kids, while delivering daring new experiences like Bayonetta and MadWorld, even if the latter sold like hotcakes laced with poison.

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I give him 6 months. Sonic is going to get out of his torture chamber someday and kill all of the people at sega :(