Sega President Departs To Helm ngmoco's iPhone Network

Illustration for article titled Sega President Departs To Helm ngmoco's iPhone Network

President and COO of Sega of America Simon Jeffery has left the house of Sonic, hitching his executive wagon to iPhone developer and publisher ngmoco—you know, the one former Electronic Arts exec Neil Young co-founded in 2008.


Jeffery, whose executive credits include stints at Sega and LucasArts, will assume the role of chief publishing officer at ngmoco, helming the company's new Plus+ Publishing group. According to the official announcement of ngmoco's new Plus+ endeavors, Plus+ Publishing will provide infrastructure to developers looking to capitalize on the company's publishing system.

That includes the Plus+ Network, which integrates social networking features and cross-promotional options into games. ngmoco touts the Plus+ Network's "persistent profile" letting "players of all skill levels to connect, compete and progress."

ngmoco's lineup of free-to-play and paid titles includes Rolando, Mazefinger, WordFu and the recently released Star Defense.



This guy is a COO-for-hire douchebag. Remember him laughing at the suggestion of Shenmue 3? God forbid the company he runs has a passionate fanbase. He should fit right in at mediocre iPhone developer #210293.