See Nintendo Demonstrate Rock N' Roll Climber

Nintendo has officially announced Rock N' Roll Climber, which uses the Wii Balance Board in conjunction with the Wii remote and nunchuck to simulate rock climbing and rocking out.

Rock N' Roll Climber is just what it sounds like: a rock climbing game with a heavy metal heart. Players use the Wii Balance board to shift their weight, will the Wii remote and nunchuk are used to grab handholds. And the rock bit? Here's an explanation direct from Michael McWhertor, liveblogging the Nintendo GDC keynote:

Here comes the rock and roll part..When reaching the top of the waterfall, the climber grabs a lime green flying V guitar and rocks out...First impressions: Huh...

I wonder what he means by huh? The industry hasn't had a decent climbing game since Cliffhanger, so it's about damn time

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Johnny Wong

Man I'm starting to really hate the Nintendo Wii, releasing all these stupid games, I hope Sony or Microsoft beat Nintendo next gen with there own type of motion controller.