Nintendo's Satoru Iwata GDC Keynote Liveblog Party

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will get his keynote on at the 2009 Game Developers Conference today, waxing behind his LCD screen lectern about "Discovering New Development Opportunities." Oh, yes, we're excited too.


According to the official description of the talk, Iwata will focus on Wii and Nintendo DS development, as well as "Nintendo's role in creating better tools and bringing opportunities for developers to introduce their innovative ideas to a marketplace that is increasingly willing and eager to embrace new game design possibilities."

Read on for our liveblog of the event, kicking off just before 9 AM PST, which will hopefully be chock-a-block with announcements of new games and brand new peripherals plus just how awesome Nintendo is.

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As a GDC keynote address, it's actually fairly standard. They did cover some insight on their development process, which is what they should do for the GDC. Obviously since it's catered for developers, they try to sugar coat their products to try to get more developers to create games on their platforms.

As the hyped up press conference [which it is not], it doesn't even really bring anything really new that most fans want.

Once again, this is for developers, not fans. But still, there were some cool news, like SD support, and WiiWare Arcade.