Secret MGS4 Character Leaked?

We've seen a teaser that suggests that Metal Gear Solid 4 will feature significant flashbacks to the story's early days, so it's possible that everyone's favorite tragic soldier-turned-despot will show up alongside the other blasts from the past. But Big Boss is dead for good, right?



Possible spoilers follow the jump, so if you'd rather not speculate on anything MGS 4-related, steer clear.


Some screenshots obtained by GameGuru appear to hint at the presence, somehow, some way, of the Metal Gear Solid series' patriarch making an appearance in the upcoming MGS 4:

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Muses the GameGuru:

There can be a number of ways to look at this, either Big Boss has been genetically modified and recreated once again by Liquid Ocelot in the game and Metal Gear Solid 4 ends quite like the very first original game, a classic battle between the Big Boss and his prodigy and Solid Snake cannot bear this guilt for the nth time and finally kills himself ending his family feud, and hence the saga finishes.


It sounds farfetched, but then again, so does the idea of the President turning out to be a clone, or the late Liquid, evil Big Boss copy, controlling Russian jack-of-all-trades and gunslinger Ocelot through his arm, and those did happen![*]

Solid Snake, aged and ravaged by the FoxDie virus, is not in such good health these days, and Kojima has often suggested that this might be Snake's last sortie. But if the death of the "old killer" is to be the close of an era for the Metal Gear franchise, you can leave it to Kojima to close it out well. And that just might mean giving Snake an opportunity to confront all the ghosts of his past - and what ghost is more significant than that of his dear old "dad"?


(* Oops, correction made. Total misfire indeed. I was so excited I screwed up my enfant terrible super-soldiers.)

Big Boss Returns in MGS4, Mandatory Installation Of Game Necessary? []

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I should hope so. Does anyone realize that he's quite possibly the most im[portant character in the franchise and yet he's only been in one modern game?

Hell, I'm astounded there haven't been 3d remakes of the first two games before now. They'd sell well, and I'd imagine that you could sell them both together or apart. And you wouldn't haveto budget for a main villain since Big Boss and snake are voiced by the same guy.