Second Life Winds Up In FBI Gang Intelligence Dossier

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Second Life isn't simply a virtual realm where people starve horses, troll others having sex, and traffic in counterfeit groovie-goolies sex devices. No, it's also a network through which gangs discuss and plot their evil deeds, says none other than the Eff Bee Eye.


On page 41 of the FBI's latest "National Gang Threat Assessment," Second Life gets a sidebar discussion alongside such social networks as the Hells' Angels, Latin Kings, and Los Zetas, who are soon to be stitching some Anonymous guy's face to a soccer ball. Here's what the G-men had to say about Second Life:

Second Life Virtual World
Second Life is a computer-based virtual world with a simulated environment where users inhabit and interact via avatars, or graphical rep- resentations the virtual world may depict a real world or a fantasy world. Users communicate through text-chat and real-time voice-based chat. Second Life provides versatility and ano- nymity and allows for covert communications. Because of its anonymity and versatility, gang members could potentially use second life to recruit, spread propaganda, commit other crimes such as drug trafficking, and receive training for real-world criminal operations.


Do you want to know how to get Pootawn? They pull out a taser, you pull out a four-foot long prehensile cock. They go after your bunny ranch, you burn down their fetish dungeon. That's the Second Life way ...

National Gang Threat Assessment (pdf) [FBI; h/t John H.]

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I had a similar thought one day when I heard of so and so getting into trouble for talking to his mistress through email.

If you really want to get away with it, just set up a WoW account. Chat through the avatars and send messages there. Anyone tries to look over your shoulder, you're just grinding for that new, epic loot.

Hmm, i wonder if the feds have ever subpenaed chat logs/records from blizz etc, its a great place to pull shenanigans.