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Remember that dumb-ass lawsuit Taser filed against Linden Lab, because Second Life users were selling and using taser-like devices? Well it's been dropped, but it could come back.


Taser was looking $75,000 from Linden Lab because they allowed virtual Tasers to be sold in the game they run. Turns out they very swiftly dismissed their own complaint because Linden never replied to the original filing. Its voluntary dismissal was filed in May but was just now reported - not like we expected them to issue a press release on it.

The case was withdrawn "without prejudice," which doesn't mean it's an equal-opportunity employer - it means the complaint can be brought up again if Taser so chooses. Here's some free legal advice: don't. Just focus on making your weapons so our cops can jolt grandma, OK?

Taser Drops Linden Lab Lawsuit [Virtual Worlds via GamePolitics]

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