Sam & Max Hit The Xbox Live Arcade

Telltale brings their dog and rabbity-thing adventures to a whole new audience, announcing both seasons of the award-winning Sam & Max series for Xbox Live Arcade.

Telltale follows up their Wallace & Gromit Xbox Live Arcade debut with seasons one and two of the Sam & Max series of point and click adventure games. Originally released as digital downloads for the PC, the episodic adventure series has since been collected into two seasons, with the first already released on the Nintendo Wii and the second coming soon for both Wii and PC. Now Xbox 360 players will get a chance to unravel mysterious mysteries with the twisted twosome, with Telltale releasing two full-season bundles onto Xbox Live in the coming months.


Both seasons have been given more descriptive names in honor of the upcoming releases, with season one now called Sam & Max Save the World and season two newly dubbed Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space.

The announcement didn't contain any word of pricing or release date, but I'm sure they'll get around to letting us know before the games are released...hopefully.

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