Sackboy: A Big Adventure finally has multiplayer. Up to four-player coop was originally supposed to be available at launch but was delayed. Today’s update adds cross-gen cross-play and save transfers as well.

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Yay! Sackboy: A Big Adventure was perhaps my favorite game this year. It was such a positive and easygoing experience (well until I started trying to get the platinum!). A perfect game to come out when it did. I was hoping Bugsnax would also be that, but that game ended up being a real bait and switch. That candy-coated and cute exterior was hiding something much darker, culminating in the most severe whiplash I’ve ever felt playing any game, ever. I started out loving the game, and that love turned into hate. I couldn’t stand what it turned into.  Sackboy was adorable and sweet all the way through, feeling at times like a spiritual successor to Super Mario 3D World (my favorite Mario game ever, so yes I’m biased and I don’t care).

The one issue I had with Sackboy was that there are levels that you have to play with other people, and given the quarantine, it’s not viable for me or many, I would say. So I’m very happy to hear that the online was finally added.

There’s actually a loading screen “tip” that was there from the beginning, talking about how if you don’t have anyone to play with, try online and make a new friend. Quite awkward when online wasn’t yet a thing.

This is great news :)