Rumor: Silent Hill Composer Leaves Konami

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According to game site Aeropause Games, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka has apparently left Konami. He has worked at the company for the past 16 years.


Yamaoka's trademark music and sounds are very much part of the Silent Hill experience. He has been producer of the series since Silent Hill 3. If this is in fact true, no word why Yamaoka has left the company, but Kotaku is following up with Konami.

Akira Yamaoka Leaves Konami After 16 Years [Aeropause Games via GoNintendo] [Pic]

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Can you really blame him for leaving when Konami is just focusing everything on the Metal Gear Franchise? This is quite sad. Konami has to rely only on their cash cow (MGS series) to stay afloat and competitive. It can't even create new innovative titles to compete with other developers. I mean, MGS is great and all, but give it a rest. The only other franchise I know that is bringing them money is Castlevania. Has it ever occur to them they have other franchises that is highly underrated(*cough*ZoneoftheEnders*cough*)? This is just sad....