Rumor: Call of Duty Moving on to Vietnam?

Citing a confidential source, That VideoGame Blog says Activision is pursuing licenses for Vietnam War-era music, as well as Cuban, Soviet Union and African music. They also infer that Treyarch will be the developer.


TVGB says that Noah Heller is involved with this supposed CoD 7; he was the senior producer on World at War, which is taken to mean that Treyarch will be back in the saddle. Sounds about right, as Infinity Ward is developing Modern Warfare 2, with a release date about six months out.

Of course, TVGB points out that, last year, Heller told Official Xbox Magazine that "we are showing the final battles of the Pacific and the European Theatre and that lets us put a close to the war," and "we're happy that we put the war to bed," meaning no more World War II-era shooters for them. But around the same time, he also said. "I can't say that there won't ever be a WWII Call of Duty game again."

The rumored music genres are intriguing. I'm not intimate with the history here, but if we're talking about Cuban and African music, could that mean someone's envisioning, or at least considering, CIA-type secret war operations of the 1960s and 1970s? That might expand this to Call of Duty: The Cold War as opposed to just Vietnam or Southeast Asia.

Per our policy, we've asked Activision for comment. But it's useful to remember that they and many other big publishers have a standing policy of not commenting on rumor and speculation.

Call of Duty 7 in Vietnam, Cuba? [That VideoGame Blog]


Architeuthis Ex Machïna

I'd prefer the variety of a cold war game to the jungle/jungle/jungle/jungle/ look, another jungle of a Vietnam game. The jungles are my least favorite parts of WaW, but it's ok since there is a good balance and lots of locales (no winter though, I want that) #activision