Rockstar's L.A. Noire Gets "Long-Awaited Reveal" Next Month

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Team Bondi's long in the making L.A. Noire, the murder mystery set in "a perfectly re-created Los Angeles" of the late 1940s, will have its "long-awaited reveal" in print next month, Rockstar Games says.

In addition to an official response to the "Determined Devoted Wives of Rockstar San Diego employees" allegations, Rockstar Games' Asked & Answered column also teases a new look at L.A. Noire.


"There will be something great to see soon - a proper in-depth look at the game and why it is so ground breaking and innovative, both in terms of the game's design and the amazing new technology to support it," Rockstar writes. "Expect to see a long-awaited reveal via a big cover story next month."

Safe money on the possible print publication is Game Informer, Rockstar's go-to game mag for cover stories (see Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3).

Next month's story would be the first time we've heard, well, just about anything since L.A. Noire's original announcement and its official delay, other than that the game is coming along "splendidly."


With Take-Two Interactive still not listing L.A. Noire on its fiscal year release list, recently moving an unnamed "triple-A title out of the fiscal year" we don't expect to see the game actually shipping any time soon. But, hey, it's been almost five years already. We're patient.


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Is this still supposed to be a PS3 exclusive or was it confirmed as multiplatform ?

I remember there were rumors a while back, but as far as I know, nothing was ever confirmed.