Rocket League Patch Takes Aim At Quitters

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Ahead of next month’s DLC, the first Rocket League patch is live, and it brings some vital fixes.


The full patch notes are available right here (if it’s not working, that’s because the developer’s website is getting hammered), but I’ll walk you through the highlights.

  • “Quick Chat” commands can now be used cross-platform between PC and PS4

Most people don’t use voice chat in Rocket League because it’s not necessary, but the tiny snippets of chat—nice shot, sorry, oops—attached to the d-pad work just fine. But ever wondered why some players were so quiet? As it turns out, you couldn’t chat between PC and PS4 players!

  • The first player to abandon a “Ranked’ match is now banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes

This is sooooo important. When you play an unranked game in Rocket League, the game slots in another player, even mid-match. Ranked, however, is a different story—you’re on your own. By now, everyone has encountered an asshole player who decided being down two goals in the first minute was a justifiable reason to leave the game. They can still do that, of course, but they’ll be banned from ranked games long enough to give them something to think about. Plus, you no longer have to feel bad if you want to quit after your teammate abandons you.

  • (PS4) Multiple visual optimizations

The frame rate doesn’t quiiiite lock at 60 frames-per-second on PS4, and have you noticed how loud your PS4 gets while playing? I can’t tell if the game is any faster from only playing two matches, but I can definitely tell you my PS4 is still loud. Keep on rocking it, PS4 fans!


Here are the other major changes, by the way:

  • Quick Chat” commands can now be used cross-platform between PC and PS4
  • Stat tracking for online games is now properly recorded for its correlating Garage items
  • AI Bot skill levels now adjust to the average skill level of all players currently in the game
  • (PS4) “Far, Far Away” Trophy can now be unlocked via online play
  • (Steam) “Virtuoso” Achievement is now obtainable and includes appropriate description
  • Fixed multiple crash scenarios

I should probably do some more research for this post, though, and load up the game...


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Are they patching my ability to not totally suck?